Technological Literacy: Reflective Narrative

Evolution of Technology

Thinking back to the days where I began to explore the world of PC, was an era where I spent my time playing my first computer games. I still recall troubleshooting through Freddi Fish and ClueFinders, games that were likely far more difficult than they should’ve been. Although the details of my learning progression are fuzzy, most of my early investigations were monitored via various parental controls and regular supervision. I’d say most of my computing depth was a result of online and offline gaming until late elementary school. Once I understood the capacity of surfing the web, I was essentially given the keys to an unending arcade. Although my passion for video games today isn’t as apparent, there was a time where it consumed me.

Social media came along during year 6 of middle school. 2007 or so was when I first joined Facebook. I sometimes still encounter my share of posting absurd and cringe-worthy statuses through the coming years, sadly. Although I was one of the last among my friends to join, it was quite an experience. Of course, at the time I hadn’t realized it myself, but the age of communication was evolving rapidly. It would be hard to imagine a life without these technological advancements. Especially smartphones, devices that some of us cannot even function without, unfortunately. I remember my parents first buying me the iPhone 3GS in the 8th grade. Although technology has been evolving at a remarkable rate, what amazes me even more is the ability of the commonwealth to adapt just as quickly.



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